Educational Support

Educational Support for First Time Attendees to the APIC International Conference

Educational Support for First Time Attendees to the APIC International Conference.  Deadline for application to national conference changes each year due to the conference early bird registrations.  Notifications will be made yearly by the board of directors.

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Diana Korpal Educational Support

Diana Korpal Educational Support is available for program attendance to the state conference for one APIC-Indiana member for the spring and one for the fall conference.  Click here for information. 

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Regional APIC Indiana Conference Educational Support

Regional Educational Support to the state conference is available to each chapter one time a year, depending on funding availability.  This could be for either the fall or spring program.  Check with your regional director for the educational support status and the application information for your region. 

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Clarice Warrick Educational Support

The Clarice Warrick Educational Support to the APIC International Annual Conference

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Susan Kraska Research to Science Award

This awardee (IP) will be supported by funding and mentorship of an expert level IP who has conducted previous research and published in peer reviewed journals to assist the awardee in their journey.

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Excellence in Mentoring Award

To support the efforts of those IPs who invest their time and efforts to the growth of the role of the Infection Preventionist.

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Past Winner Experiences

Click Here to read experiences from past educational support winners



Refunds: Refunds can be granted 7 days prior to a conference.  If it is less than 7 days prior to a conference then it can be transferred to another person.  No refunds for dues.