APIC Indiana Educational Support for APIC Annual Conference

APIC Indiana maintains an educational support fund for current APIC Indiana members who need monetary assistance to attend the APIC Annual Conference. Increased attendance of APIC Indiana members to the annual conference serves to strengthen Chapter 76 and contributes significantly in the development of strong leaders at the state and regional levels. 

The number and amount of this educational support varies from year to year depending on the availability of funds and the level of need.  To be considered for this educational support the applicant must be a current APIC Indiana member at the time application is received

If applications are received from a First Time Attendee(s) who meets the qualifications, then one of the educational support awards will be awarded to a First Time Attendee.  Those not awarded the First Time Attendee support will be considered will all other qualified applicants for the remaining educational support. Members active in APIC Indiana Chapter 076 functions (e.g., regular attendance at APIC Indiana Chapter Board of Directors meetings, chapter educational conferences, regional meetings, and APIC Indiana committee membership) receive special consideration. 

Awarding educational support funds is at the discretion of APIC Indiana’s Board of Directors and goes to an applicant(s) who is/are in good standing and meet the following conditions and requirements:

  • The applicant must be a currently active member of International APIC, APIC Indiana Chapter 076, and their APIC Indiana region on the date their application is received and continue in that capacity for at least 6 months.
  • The applicant must have been in the field of infection prevention for at least one year on the date their application is received.
  • The applicant must complete all sections of the application and submit the application to the Indiana Chapter President by email on or before the deadline of February 15th. (The current president's email can be found here)
  • The applicant must submit an approximate budget, including registration, room, travel, and meals. (car rental, alcohol, and other non-essential costs are not allowable nor can they be receipted) Use of the awarded funds is limited to allowable expenses associated with attendance at the next APIC Annual Conference.
  • The applicant must submit their plan to disseminate the knowledge they gain at the conference to the APIC Indiana membership. (e.g., design an educational poster for presentation at the following Fall APIC Indiana Conference or write an educational paper of approximately 300 words sharing specific education learned at the APIC Annual Conference that will benefit other APIC Indiana chapter members which must be emailed to the Indiana Chapter President by July 31st of the current calendar year) Awardee does not need to attend conference, they can send poster with another member or make arrangements with chapter president for delivery of poster to conference site.
  • All receipts must be submitted to treasurer by July 31st of the current calendar year via email. (The current treasurer's email can be found here) Receipts must meet or exceed the amount of award.  Any non-receipted funds must be returned to the chapter.
  • If awardee fails to disseminate the knowledge gained at the annual conference as planned by deadline and/or fails to submit the receipts to the chapter treasurer by deadline as agreed to by signing the application, he/she will be obligated to refund the chapter all award money received.


The APIC Indiana Board of Directors will review the applications and select the educational support recipient(s). The President will notify all applicants of their receipt or non-receipt of the educational support approximately 2 weeks after deadline for submission of applications for educational support.

Click here for the application.