APIC-IN uses budgeted funds to provide educational manuals / materials to APIC-IN members.  A list of items available is listed below. Download and fill out the LIbrary Order Form with the following information, including your facility and home your home address information and e-mail or fax your request as indicated at the end of this form.

Reference Available for Loan:

Infection Control for Long Term-Care Facilities 2003
Infection Control Toolkit Series Construction and Renovation (second edition)
Sink a Germ Video tape 1986
APIC National 2005
HICPAC Guidelines Intravascular Catheter Related Infections
Educational Modules for Prevention of Nosocomial Infections 2006
Certification Study Guide 2003Control Emergencies and Disaster Toolkit 2nd edition
Infection Control Workbook APIC/JCAHO 2006


In order to have the material available for many persons to use, we would ask you to return what you borrow to me at the end of 30 days.  If you still are using the material after that date, please call me to see if any one else needs it.  If not, the time frame can be extended.

Should the materials have become damaged and or lost contact me immediately by phone or e-mail.  There may or may not be a cost for replacement the final decision will be made by the APIC Indiana Executive Committee.

We hope you enjoy the educational materials and find them helpful.  If you have suggestions for other resources, please let me know. Thank you for being apart of APIC-IN.