IHA Launches 2015 Quality Initiatives to Member Hospitals

The Indiana Patient Safety Center’s (IPSC) strategic plan for 2015 includes building on the positive momentum following the

Partnership for Patients initiative with the goal to facilitate progress toward zero harm. Based on guidance from regional coalition leaders and subsequent review of statewide data, the following priority areas have been identified and members of the IPSC team have been assigned to facilitate each topic.

 Adverse Drug Events (Carolyn Konfirst)

 Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (Annette Handy)

 Prevention of Injurious Falls (Karin Kennedy)

 Sepsis (Annette Handy)

 Care Transitions and Readmissions (Carolyn Konfirst)

IPSC has created state-wide faculty teams for each topic to review scientific evidence, data and disseminate practical application guidance of best practices for maximum impact in harm reduction.

Sepsis Core Measures

"The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has notified hospitals participating in the inpatient quality reporting program that data collection of the

Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: Management Bundle measure (NQF #0500) will begin with discharges on or after Oct. 1, 2015. The measure was adopted for the fiscal year (FY) 2017 payment determination in the FY 2015 inpatient prospective payment system final rule. Additional details about the measure — including the information form and algorithm — and abstraction guidance will be provided in version 5.0 of the Specifications Manual for National Hospital Inpatient Quality Measures, which will be posted to https://www.qualitynet.org/ April 1. For more information about the Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock measure, visit the Hospitals-Inpatient Questions & Answers tool at https://cms-ip.custhelp.com"


CRE-Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae

April 9: IHA presentation to the ISDH Antibiotic Resistance Committee regarding targeted programming to raise CRE awareness, distribute available resources and tools and conduct a follow-up survey to identify ongoing support needs. There are three identified initial themes which need to be addressed:

1. Improved communication between and within facilities

2. Environmental Services staff development

3. Collaboration with local health departments

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Carolyn Konfirst

– Indianapolis Coalition for Patient Safety, North Central and Northeast