Hand Hygiene Tool Kit

Hand Hygiene Tool Kit and Webinar information

The Indiana Hospital Association (IHA) Patient Safety Council, whose membership includes leaders from the regional patient safety coalitions, requested that APIC Indiana develop a hand hygiene measurement tool kit so benchmarking and best practices could be shared across facilities within the state of Indiana. APIC Indiana developed the attached tool kit which has now completed testing within one regional coalition. Based on the initial testing and new information to clarify the 5 Moments from the World Health Organization (WHO), APIC has revised this tool kit with plans to expand the second phase of testing into additional regional patient safety coalitions. Whether you are interested in formally testing this measurement strategy and accompanying tools or simply want to compare this to your current strategy, please feel free to use and revise the tools to fit your facility plan. If you wish to formally test this tool kit, please contact [email protected].