Government Affairs

We are the Indiana Chapter (#76) of The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology.

APIC’s vision is to improve the health of people worldwide, serving as the pre-eminent voice for excellence in the prevention and control of infections and related adverse outcomes.

Government Affairs

Practicing infection control in health care settings often involves
adhering to federal and local  regulations and guidelines.
Legislative and regulatory advocacy regarding the development of
these regulations and guidelines has always been an important aspect
of APIC’s operations. This area will provide important information
on APIC’s governmental affairs activities and governmental activity
important to infection control professionals.

Current Issues

  1. APIC national public policy information: Please click on this link to learn more about President Barack Obama’s newly released FY 2014 budget and the U.S. House of Representatives Health Subcommittee hearing on the use of antibiotics in animals.
  2. How a bill becomes a law in Indiana (PDF 28Kb)
  3. Universal precautions
    rule:  Currently under review at ISDH.  Watch the
    Indiana Register for  publication of the draft.
  4. Resistant organism guideline:
     Complete and published on the ISDH web site.  You
    can access the document from  the link located on our Home
  5. OSHA TB regulation: Though
     the TB regulation was dropped at the end of 2003, OSHA
    indicated their  intention to survey for implementation
    of the full respiratory protection  standard when they
    survey health care facilities.  This would require annual
    re-fit  testing for all N95 masks.  APIC has continued
    to work to get this requirement appealed on the  grounds
    that this action will consume significant healthcare resources
    and  is not based on evidence that it will have any impact
    on transmission  rates of TB.  APIC issued an  Action
    Alert on September 10 (include link-I emailed it to you) which
     outlined the status of a House amendment to delay or abandon
    this  requirement for annual fit testing.  The National
    office will continue to be involved in this process  and
    will notify the membership if they need us to contact our legislators
     regarding this important issue.
  6. Bioterrorism preparedness:
    State Level: Small pox working group-Laurie
    Fish representative, Hospital Group-Vickie Vandeventer representative
    Syndromic Surveillance-Linda Jones at ISDH
    coordinating the development of Syndromic surveillance system.
  7. Mandatory Reporting

Mandatory Reporting (PDF: 80Kb) 
Mandatory Reporting Interactive Map
Pennsylvania Infection Reporting (PDF 145Kb)
APIC Response (PDF 56Kb)