Excellence in Mentoring Award

To support the efforts of those infection preventionists who invest their time and efforts to the growth of the role of the Infection Preventionist, APIC IN has developed the “Excellence in Mentoring Award”. This award shall be bestowed upon an individual APIC member annually. It is open to all membership of APIC IN. If none of the nominees meet the criteria for the award, the award shall not be given for that year.


  • The nominee must have impacted the career of the mentee
  • The mentee must write a letter describing in 500 words or less how their mentor has guided their career
  • The letter must demonstrate the relationship and mutual growth
  • Nominee cannot be a teacher assigned to that role for the mentee
  • The mentee must provide examples of how the mentoring occurred
  • Members of the awards committee or the task force shall not be able to receive the award during tenure on either committee
  • The mentor may only receive the award one time
  • Nominee must be a member of APIC IN
  • One person or a group of persons may nominate the mentor
  • Recipient should make every effort to be present at the spring conference to receive the award
  • The awardee must submit to APIC IN an article about the educational conference attended from the budgeted assistance that will benefit members at large or a poster for the Fall APIC IN conference.


All nominations must be received by Feb 14. The award will be presented at the spring conference. The recipient will receive an award and education support to attend the National APIC Conference of that year. The budgeted assistance is not valid for cash and cannot be given to any other IP. The president will explain the monetary restrictions to each recipient. (What is included in the cost and what will not be). Each January a notice will be sent to the membership to nominate. The nominations packet will be due by Feb 14th of that year. The award will be announced at the spring conference.

**During this first inaugural year 2017 the deadline will be March 15 with reviews to be completed by March 31 by the executive committee.

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