APIC Indiana Chapter 76

Board of Directors
Position Term Name Email Address
President 2020-2021 Kelly Manning [email protected]
President-Elect 2020-2021 Jaime Redkey [email protected]
Past President 2020 Toni Biasi [email protected]
Treasurer 2019-2021 Lori Getts [email protected]
Secretary 2020-2023 Gene Davis [email protected]
Board Member 2018-2021 Miranda Grant [email protected]
Board Member 2018-2021 Sherry Robbins [email protected]
Board Member 2019-2022 DJ Shannon [email protected]
Board Member 2019-2022 Shanna Smith [email protected]
Board Member 2020-2023 Rachel Cathey [email protected]
Board Member 2020-2023 Jennifer Spivey [email protected]


Regional Directors
Region Term Name Email
Region 1 2014 Marlene Madrigal [email protected]
Region 2 2015 Sherry Robbins      Rhonda Reed [email protected]   [email protected]
Region 3 2014 Janice Muhlenkamp [email protected]
Region 4 2020 Rachael Heathers [email protected]
Region 5 2017 Vicky Trusler [email protected]
Region 6 2020 Rachel Cathey         Janae Meyers [email protected]   [email protected]
Region 7 OPEN    
Region 8 2017 Jean Young [email protected]
Region 9 2017 Kim Bellessa            Vicky Horn [email protected]  [email protected]


Strategic Alliances and Liaisons
Topic Term Name Email
IHA Liaison Appointed Annette Handy [email protected]
NHSN Liaison Appointed Kari Kuebler [email protected]
Behavioral Health Appointed Jennifer Spivey [email protected]
Long-Term Care Appointed Rose Smalley [email protected]
Environmental Services Appointed Will Snyderman [email protected]
AORN Appointed Heather Hohenberger [email protected]
Ambulatory Surgery Centers Appointed OPEN  
High Level Disinfection and Sterilization Appointed Lisa McKown [email protected] 
ISDH Liaison Appointed Tina Feaster [email protected]
Regional Director Coordinator Appointed OPEN  


Position Term Name Email
Executive Committee
President 2020 Kelly Manning [email protected]
President-Elect 2020 Jaime Redkey [email protected]
Past President 2020 Toni Biasi [email protected]
Treasurer 2019-2020 Lori Getts [email protected]
BOD Representative 2020 DJ Shannon [email protected]
Bylaws/Handbook Committee
Chair Appointed Robin Riley-McDonald [email protected]
Emergency Preparedness Committee
Chair Appointed Janene Gumz-Pulaski [email protected]
Public Policy Committee
Chair Appointed Gene Davis [email protected]
Membership Committee
Chair Appointed Ann Carmien [email protected]
Communications Committee
Website Manager Appointed Rachel Cathey [email protected]
Website Manager Appointed DJ Shannon [email protected]
Librarian Appointed Joe McKenna [email protected]
Newsletter Appointed  Toni Biasi [email protected]
Social Media Appointed Jennifer Spivey [email protected]
Program Committee
Chair Appointed Lori Getts [email protected]
Member Appointed Sherry Robbins [email protected]
Member Appointed Rhonda Blevins

[email protected]

Member Appointed Kim Knez [email protected]
Member Appointed Anna Roe [email protected]
Vendor Liaison Appointed Robin Riley-McDonald [email protected]
Scholarship/Fundraising Committee
Chair Appointed Janene Gumz-Pulaski [email protected]
Nominating Committee
Chair Appointed Donna Bopp  
Mentoring Taskforce
Chair Appointed Jennifer Spivey [email protected]
Member Appointed Joe McKanna [email protected]
Member Appointed DJ Shannon [email protected]
Member Appointed Anna Roe [email protected]