2017 Board of Directors, Officers, Regional Directors, and Committee Members


APIC Indiana Chapter 76

2017 Board of Officers, Directors, Committee Members and Regional Directors





Elected Board Members
President 2017 Joe McKanna jmckanna@uhhg.org
President-Elect 2017 Heather Hohenberger hhohenberger@iuhealth.org
Past President-Board DIrector 2017 Jennifer Spivey Jennifer.spivey@stvinvent.org
Treasurer 2017-2019 Rhonda Blevins rhonda.blevins@parkview.com
Secretary 2015-2017 Kelly Manning kmanning2@hancockregional.org
Board Director 2017-2020 Brittany Crumpacker bcrumpacker@iuhealth.org
Board Director 2017-2020 Gene Davis gdavis@witham.org
Board Director 2017-2020 Jaime Redkey jeredkey@stvicnent.org
Board Director 2016-2017 Toni Biasi tbiasi@iuhealth.org
Board Director 2016-2017 Kelly Jolliff kjolliff@memorialsb.org
Board Director 2016-2017 Kari Kuebler kkuebler@iuhealth.org
Regional Directions   (selected at Region level)
Region 1 2014 Marlene Madrigal mmadrigal@comhs.org
Region 2 2015 Rhonda Reed rreed@beaconhealthsystem.org
Region 3 2014 Tina Bowen Tina.Bowen@parkview.com
Region 4   Open Needed
Region 5 2017  Vicky Trusler vtrusler@uhhg.org
Region 6 2016 Toni Biasi tbiasi@iuhealth.org
Region 7 2014 Lisa Garrett MarionDON@millersmerrymanor.com
Region 8 2017 Jean Young JYoung16@iuhealth.org
Region 9 2017 Kim Bellessa kabellessa@stmarys.org
Strategic alliances / Liaisons
IHA Liaison Chair appointed Laurie Fish lfish@iuhealth.org
NHSN liaison appointed Kari Kuebler kkuebler@iuhealth.org
Behavioral Health appointed Open  
Long-term care appointed Rose Smalley (LTC rose.smalley@tlcmgmt.com
Ambulatory Surgery Centers appointed Robin Turner (ASC) Rturner@uspi.com
AORN appointed Heather Hohenberger hhohenberger@iuhealth.org
Environmental Services appointed open  
Bylaws / Handbook Committee      
chair appointed Robin Riley-McDonald rriley@gshvin.org
Emergency Preparedness Committee    
chair appointed Janene Gumz-Pulaski janene.gumz-pulaski@franciscanalliance.org
Public Policy Committee      
chair appointed Laurie Fish lfish@iuhealth.org
Membership Committee      
chair appointed Ann Carmien acarmien@lutheran-hosp.com
Communications Committee      
Web site lead appointed Kari Kuebler kkuebler@iuhealth.org
Web site lead appointed Maddie Larsen mlarsen@riverview.org
Web site member manager appointed William Snyderman wsnyderman1@iuhealth.org
Web site editor appointed Miranda Grant mgrant2@iuhealth.org
Librarian appointed Tina Bowen Tina.Bowen@parkview.com
Newsletter appointed Toni Biasi tbiasi@iuhealth.org
Facebook appointed Jennifer Spivey jspivey@theheartcenter.com
Program Committee      
Chair appointed Anna Roe roeanm@sjrmc.com
  appointed Sherry Robbins srobbins@goshenhealth.com
  appointed Lori Getts lori.getts@parkview.com
  appointed Kim Knez kknez@bremenhospital.com
  appointed Rhonda Blevins rhonda.blevins@parkview.com
  past-preseident-grant ISDH Jennifer Spivey jennifer.spivey@stvincent.org
Program/ Vendors appointed Sally Young sally.young@ecommunity.com
Educational support/Fundraising Committee    
  chair Gayle Walsh gwalsh@ecommunity.com
  appointed Janene Gumz-Pulaski janene.gumz-pulaski@franciscanalliance.org
Executive Committee      
President 2017 Joe McKanna jmckanna@uhhg.org
President-Elect 2017 Heather Hohenberger hhohenberger@iuhealth.org
Treasurer 2017-2019 Rhonda Blevins rhonda.blevins@parkview.com
Immediate past-president BOD 2017 Jennifer Spivey jennifer.spivey@stvincent.org
BOD Representative 2017 To be appointed  
Nominating Chair 2017-2017 Janene Gumz-Pulaski janene.gumz-pulaski@franciscanalliance.org
Mentoring Taskforce      
Chair appointed Debra Fawcett Debra.Fawcett@eskenazihealth.edu
member appointed Cathy Booker Cbooker@isdh.IN.gov